We all know that the board has decided to make a shift in the company branding. A part of this is to make sure the customers are more aware of our competitive advantage regarding eco-friendliness. We have come a lot longer than our competitors, and we need to market this fact better. According to the case studies and interviews the marketing department team recently shared, the fact that we have taken several steps to reduce our climate impact can indeed be a game-changer for our climate-conscious target group.


In light of these, I have gotten the authority to design a further plan to make our company net-zero in emissions. We still have a long way to go, and it will take some serious effort and cooperation, but it is absolutely a goal possible to reach before our stock exchange listing. Electrical Future!


I will get back to you when my plan for the following year is complete. However, I have some news for this quarter that I need to share today. We will invest in electric charging points and build them at all of our branch offices. We will not own the hardware of the charging stations, we have outsourced the practical aspects, but we will need to invest in a charge point operator system. Also, from now on, we will only allow hybrids or electric cars as company vehicles.

charge Point

A subscription to an online charge station management platform will be a small cost.  But it is a very needed investment since it will enable us to transform our vehicle fleet completely. Currently, it is the transportation that causes the by far most considerable emissions. If we could completely erase them, that would significantly impact our shift to renewable sources.


Charge point owner management tool and the system will be a bit of an economic burden in the short run, but I have budgeted it to cover itself in two to three years. In four to five years, they will be profitable if they are used and appropriately renovated.


I am very excited about leading the planning and execution of this green initiative. Hopefully, you share my passion for sustainable solutions, and if you, in any way, would like to contribute, ask questions or raise any concerns, my door is always open.


Have a great weekend, all of you.

The green initiative